Steve Barclay slams ‘Brexit difficulties’ with EU and unveils new plan

Steve Barclay reveals 'Brexit difficulties' with EU

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Mr Barclay claimed that it was in the UK and European country’s best interest to work together. The former Brexit secretary claimed that it was an important trade relationship that Britain had with the EU. And claimed that the autumn statement signalled the Conservative Government’s plan to continue to trade with EU partners. There has been an ongoing heated debate this week after some MPs claimed that the British economy would have been better off if we had not left the European Union.

Mr Barclay told Sky News: “Well the problem is, it’s in both side’s interest to remove barriers.

“We trade with each other we are important partners to each other, so that’s mutually beneficial, and of course, we want to work constructively with EU partners to do that.

“But that is not at the expense of maximising opportunities in high-growth sectors.

“And the Autumn statement signalled our determination to do that.

“For example with the announcement of solvency too.”

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