‘So offensive!’ SNP MP hits out at ‘moving on from partygate’ claims as ‘Boris broke law’

Partygate: ‘Moving on is offensive to me’ says SNP MP

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The SNP MP hit out at UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and dismissed the claim that the British people are past the partygate scandal. The Met Police said 83 people received a total of 126 fines while Boris Johnson was sparred any additional fines. Downing Street said the Prime Minister was told that there would be no further action against him. During BBC Question Time, Conservative MP Lucy Frazer defended Boris Johnson and said the Prime Minister had “move on and continue to deal with the challenges that are facing us”.

Reacting to that statement, SNP MP Alyn Smith lashed out: “I find that a remarkable glib response the idea that we can just move on from this is actually offensive to me.

“I’m a nut. I’m in favour of Scottish independence. I think Westminster is on the skids.

“I think doesn’t deliver good results for Liverpool in the UK much less in Scotland.

“And it staggers that I can say with a straight face and that’s true. The UK Prime Minister broke the law.”

“If you’re talking about law-breaking hotspots, the key address is 10, Downing Street.

“It’s staggering.

“It’s like Berlusconi but without the panache.

“It’s a dreadful situation that the UK government at the very top broke the very laws that so many people were under during Covid.

“And the idea that we can just glibly say: that was then, this is now, that’s over. No, no. No way is that sufficient.”

“He got away with it because he got a compliant majority in the House of Commons.

“But I trust the people of these islands have more sense than that.

Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson and Rishi Sunak received each fine for attending the Prime Minister’s birthday party at 10, Downing Street in June 2020.

Back then, speculations mounted that another fine could force Boris Johnson to resign.

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Some senior Conservative politicians then threatened with ousting him if party gate affected the results of the May local elections – and they did, according to several Tory MPs.

The Conservative Party lost almost 500 seats and control of 11 councils, including 3 flagship councils in London.

Boris Johnson still faces the publication of a full report into the illegal gatherings by civil servant Sue Gray.

The report is expected to be published next week.

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