Ryanair sparks outrage with chart mocking UK’s Covid alert level after Omicron surge

Covid-19 cases in the UK rise by 48,854

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The Irish low-cost airline posted a tweet that read “The UK Covid Alert Level has been increased from Level 3 to Level 4” on Monday, prompting customers to worry over travel restrictions. But the post also showed a picture of a graphic that aimed at mocking Boris Johnson and his team over the scandal of last year’s alleged Christmas party at Downing Street.

The graphic claimed that at an alert level number five in the UK, Downing Street “party level” would see “Jacob (Rees-Mogg) crying in a corner asking for a nanny”.

At level four, the Prime Minister would be “topless, asking Thatcher’s portrait if she comes here often”.

And at level three, Michael Gove would be “in charge of refreshments” at the party that would include “booze and snogging”.

The post infuriated Twitter users across the UK who found the joke “inappropriate” and not funny.

Twitter user Jayne Bangert replied: “Your timing is as good as your flights – at least 1 person has died of omicron in UK confirmed by Boris Johnson.”

Another user named David Wilson blasted: “Glad you find it funny. I am terrified of our government & what could be ahead.

“I fear for LIVELIHOODS & families being separated again; division and discrimination from vax passports.

“But go on, laugh it up.”

Peter Grant, another Twitter user, said: “Looks like a vacancy will soon be opening up in the Ryanair marketing department.”

And someone else called Alkitria added: “This is not funny at all.

“I came here agitated that you change the travel requirements or cancelled flights, and you just make some joke. Please respect your customers.”

Whilst user Paul Turner echoed: “In such appallingly bad taste. Not even remotely amusing.”

Many people also found the joke quite funny and joined in to mock the Prime Minister.

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The Prime Minister is facing perhaps the most difficult week since the start of his premiership.

As dissatisfaction on the Conservative backbenches has grown, the Prime Minister heads into the next few days against a backdrop of rebellion.

Meanwhile, the threat of the Omicron variant of coronavirus looms in the background.

Mr Johnson’s first big challenge comes on Tuesday, as MPs are asked to approve the Plan B measures he has set out in a bid to stem the spread of Omicron.

Already, more than 70 of his own MPs have signalled they either will, or are considering, opposing some of the plans.

Anger mainly centres on the introduction of Covid passes – where a person must prove their vaccination status or that they have had a negative test – for large venues.

However, the bad blood comes as Tory MPs have been left burned by their leader in recent weeks.

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The standards row over former MP Owen Paterson left a sour taste in the mouths of many, as they felt they had been asked – and most obliged – to back the Government in a difficult position, only to be left embarrassed when ministers U-turned.

The resulting by-election in North Shropshire is on Thursday, and what should be a comfortable win for the Tories – Mr Paterson had a majority of almost 23,000 – is now looking precarious.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said by-elections are sometimes used by voters to “send a message”.

Ill feeling has also been stirred up by the revelations of alleged parties held in Downing Street and elsewhere in Government during lockdown restrictions.

After denying any parties took place, Mr Johnson has now asked Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to investigate and report back, with the Times suggesting the outcome could come as early as the end of the week.

The Conservative Party leader also faces allegations that he misled his ethics adviser over what he knew about a controversial refurbishment of his No 11 flat.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said Mr Johnson and his adviser speak on a regular basis and “we are continuing to liaise with Lord Geidt and answer any further questions he may have”.

Amid all of that, Mr Johnson is attempting to convince the country that it is essential to follow new coronavirus measures, as the Omicron variant threatens to put even more pressure on the NHS.

In an address to the nation on Sunday, the Prime Minister called the variant a “tidal wave”, and brought forward the deadline for offering booster jabs to all adults.

However, the question ministers continue to face in interviews is whether the public health messaging has been undermined by the Government’s – and Mr Johnson’s – actions, and what that means for his future.

Ryanair has been contacted by Express.co.uk

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