Rishi Sunak’s policy failure EXPOSED: Liz Truss beating ex-Chancellor on ALL fronts

Michela Morizzo discusses the polling for this week

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Exclusive polling for Express.co.uk by TechneUK highlights Conservative Party members believe the Foreign Secretary has the best policies for all the major issues facing Britain. On everything from tax to immigration to health, Ms Truss has a considerable lead over her leadership rival.

The survey of 801 Conservative members, carried out between August 18-25, found she leads Mr Sunak by 41 points on taxes, 40 on inflation and 37 on immigration.

There is not a single policy area by which the former Chancellor is seen to have the best ideas for the UK.

Even in the areas where the margins are narrowest – civil rights and Brexit – Ms Truss has a clear lead of seven points and 12 points respectively.

Tory members were asked to vote on who was best to deal with 18 separate policy areas.

They were also asked to vote on which candidate they believed represented 12 different characteristics, including “respected”, “trust” and “empathetic”.

The former Chancellor tied with Ms Truss on who was most qualified, with the Foreign Secretary winning every other vote.

The damning findings come as the latest Express.co.uk/TechneUK tracker poll shows Liz Truss has the support of 64 percent of Conservative members compared to Mr Sunak’s 36 percent.

It means the South West Norfolk MP has retained her 28 point lead over her rival over the past week.

There are now just 10 days to go until the winner of the contest is announced.

However, if Ms Truss enters No10 she is likely to face an uphill battle in persuading the public to back the Tories at the next election.

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Asked if to pick who they would vote for if there was an election tomorrow, 41 percent of Britons surveyed said Labour, compared to 33 percent who said they would back the Conservatives.

Labour has increased its lead over the Tories by four points in a fortnight.

Michela Morizzo, chief executive of Techne UK, said: “It would now appear inevitable that Liz Truss will win the Conservative leadership race and become the UK’s next Prime Minister.

“Every group we polled have her with a substantial lead over Rishi Sunak, including the people who are making the decision, Conservative members.

“Our research also indicates she leads her rival on having the best ideas in every policy area, and is rated more highly in almost every positive characteristic – not just among party members but among party supporters and all UK voters.

“It is also though clear that the challenges she faces will be immense, both for the country but also for her attempts to make the Conservatives the choice of voters.

“Labour’s Westminster voting intention lead of eight points, an increase of four in just two weeks, captures the problem for the Tories, especially as the underlying figures clearly show a move not just from undecideds to Labour but a move from those who have voted Conservative in the past.

“One in 10 voters who chose the Conservatives in 2019 now say they would vote for Sir Keir Starmer’s party.”

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