Remainer Lord Heseltine savages Truss over ‘bleak’ election hopes

Boris Johnson: Lord Heseltine discusses future of Brexit

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Lord Michael Heseltine has savaged Liz Truss over the Tory Party’s “bleak” electoral hopes. The 89-year-old former Deputy Prime Minister warned that the Conservative Party faces an almighty challenge at the next general election.

Lord Heseltine, who is President of the pro-Brussels Europe Movement UK campaign, said “a very impressive feat of political leadership” would now be needed to keep the Tory Party in power.

The ex-Henley MP added: “Things are looking pretty bleak.

Speaking at a fringe event at Conservative Party conference after Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng canned his controversial bid to abolish the 45p tax rate, Heseltine also asked: “What was the plan?”

Opinion polls suggest Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has opened up a massive lead over Ms Truss.

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According to a recent survey by Redfield & Wilton, Labour opened up a 28-point lead over the Conservative Party.

Lord Heseltine, who missed out in the race to replace Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister in 1990 to Sir John Major, went on to deal Ms Truss with a potential Brexit blow.

The unrepentant Remainer, who lost the Tory Party whip after voting for the Liberal Democrats in 2019, said: “I think if the Government is looking for a U-turn, it should pull the legislation from the House of Lords tomorrow.

“It’s going to get massacred in the House of Lords anyway.”

Lord Heseltine has continued to berate Brexit Britain since the referendum in 2016.

He even claimed voters were persuaded by “lies” during an interview on Sky News in July.

Heseltine told delegates yesterday that the Conservatives would soon face scrutiny over Brexit and claimed the UK would eventually rejoin the Brussels bloc.

He said: “If, heaven forfend, the party were to lose, then there would be an investigation as to why and Europe will come up high on the agenda.

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“I have no doubt at all that this country will, in the reasonable future, take its part in the community of Europe where we belong.”

Heseltine added: “The Brexiteers were always there and never gave up.

“So that’s the first lesson of politics – you don’t win a democratic majority by being silent, you have to fight your corner.”

The Europhile fringe event was said to have been well-attended despite card-carrying Conservative members being among the most pro-Brexit in the country.

However, the Tory Party conference also hosted several Eurosceptic events, including the Bruges Group meet-up.

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