‘Rejoin Europol!’ Lord Blunkett demands UK returns to EU agency to tackle migrant crisis

Migrant crisis: Lord Blunkett says UK should rejoin EuroPol

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The Labour peer has called on the UK to rejoin the European law enforcement agency Europol in abid to tackle the growing migrant crisis in the English Channel. Lord Blunkett called for greater cooperation with Britain and the European Union though he admitted Europol was “not the most brilliant organisation.” The veteran former Labour MP called for British security forces to work with their European counterparts to “tackle the criminality at its source.”

Lord Blunkett told LBC: “We should rejoin Europol, not the most brilliant organisation, but it’s across Europe cooperation.

“Get the National Crime Agency and our security services, much more linked into what’s happening across the other parts of Europe and tackle the criminality at its source.”

The Labour Peer also put forward an idea to have France, Germany and Belgium agree to a licence system to police the supply of dingies.

He told LBC: “I think it’s worth exploring, it may be a crackpot idea, but I floated it yesterday.

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“We should persuade the French and it would have to also be the Germans and Belgians to have a licencing scheme for the production sale and delivery because the delivery is crucial of these dingies, you could lay down a requirement.”

It comes after senior Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu clashed angrily over the Government handling of the migrant crisis.

Dr Shola told the senior Tory MP: “Let me tell you that you’re gaslighting the listeners by suggesting that this government is trying to deal with the problem of traffickers by actually demonising the people who have been oppressed by traffickers.”

Ms Leadsom fired back: “Shola I won’t have you accuse me of lying which is what you are accusing me of.”

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“It is a lie,” blasted Dr Shola.

Ms Leadsom snapped: “No! I am not lying.”

The Tory MP added: “What this Government is trying to do is to prevent illegal movement to this country.”

Dr Shola argued: “The Government is not doing that!

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“The Government is dehumanising refugees, demonising, the language they use…

“I mean how many, compared to other countries, how many migrants or refugees has the UK taken in?”

She continued: “Each time we talk about migrant crossing, it’s always to paint them looking like people who actually you should have gone to a different country before you came to us, that’s not the point.”

“No, the point is they are taking their lives in their hands,” responded Ms Leadsom.

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