POLL: Should Liz Truss suspend the green energy levy to reduce bills?

Liz Truss: A look at new PM’s Cabinet

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Liz Truss defeated Rishi Sunak in the Conservative leadership race, and yesterday took over from Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Tackling the cost-of-living crisis – set to worsen as energy bills soar over the winter –  is her number one priority. With the new Government tipped to reveal a significant energy bill support package later this week, Ms Truss is also expected to scrap the green energy levy.

Having won the race to become Tory leader – securing the vote of 81,326 party members to her rival Rishi Sunak’s 60,399 – Ms Truss has become the UK’s next Prime Minister.

With her Cabinet in place and meeting for the first time this morning, Ms Truss faces immediate calls to unveil her plans for getting the cost-of-living crisis under control.

The energy price cap is set to be raised by 80 percent to £3,549 in October, as analysts forecast bills for the average household above £6,000 next year.

The new Government is expected to announce a cap to household energy bills on Thursday, in a scheme that would subsidise via £100billion in borrowing.

Ms Truss is also likely to follow through on her campaign pledge to reduce bills by suspending the green energy levy.

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The term encompasses a mix of social and environmental charges added to household energy bills, used to finance green energy policies and poverty alleviation schemes.

Green levies currently make up around eight percent of the combined gas and electricity bill, costing an average of £153 annually.

The money goes towards improving the energy efficiency of homes and businesses through insulation upgrades, as well as funding research into renewables to guarantee the UK’s long-term energy security.

By enabling greater investment in wind and solar, levy funds have already cushioned some of the increase in natural gas prices.

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The Net Zero Scrutiny Group, led by Steve Baker and Craig Mackinlay, claims the green levy is an unnecessary burden on the poor.

Yesterday, Dr Nina Skorupska, chief executive of the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, said: “We welcome the new Prime Minister to her role and look forward to working with her closely to deliver the solutions to the energy crisis.

“As we have warned throughout the leadership contest, knee jerk and ill-thought out cuts to renewable energy investment schemes will simply store up problems for the future, and save relatively little in the short-term. 

“To deliver an energy future that is independent, secure and stable, we need to accelerate renewable energy deployment. That is how we solve this crisis.”

So what do YOU think? Should Liz Truss suspend the green energy levy to reduce bills? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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