‘People fear it!’ Naga Munchetty probes support bubbles ban on 5live ‘could be an option’

Naga Munchetty addresses possible exercise 'restrictions'

Naga Munchetty noted speculation has been rife about additional measures being put in place to ensure Britons limit their interaction with people outside their bubbles. The UK last week surpassed the 80,000 mark of coronavirus-related deaths as new infections continued to be recorded in the tens of thousands every day. Ms Munchetty suggested additional restrictions on support bubbles could be a solution but would weigh heavily on the public as they undergo the third England-wide lockdown in less than a year.

The BBC Radio 5 host said: “We are asking, could you handle a tougher lockdown? Do we need it or is what we have now tough enough?

“Maybe you are following the rules to the letter but knowing we’re in for the long-haul, is there a need for some respite?”

Reading a message from listener Liz in Warwick, Ms Munchetty said: “Sadly, a tougher lockdown is inevitable, self-inflicted by people who can’t stick to quite reasonable rules.

“I urge the Government to keep under one support bubbles. My under one support bubble with my daughter and her children is so needed by my daughter. Life is already hard enough for isolated parents with little ones’.”

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Discussing further restrictions with political expert Lucy Fisher, the BBC Radio 5 host continued: “We were talking about which rules, potentially, could be tightened as ministers consider tightening the lockdown even more.

“We were talking about exercise rules and also extended mask-wearing. How could these change?”

Ms Fisher said: “Well, I think exercise being restricted is one of the main ones the Government is looking at the moment.

“There is concern that the rule is being misused, and the rule that currently allows two people from two different households to meet together to exercise is being used as a loophole to facilitate socialising.

“Someone I spoke to in Government yesterday, there is concern that could be restricted to bring the rules more in line to the March lockdown.”

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