‘No one is interested’ Sturgeon humiliated as Homes Under The Hammer aired over Indy bid

Nicola Sturgeon snaps at reporter over Brexit border probe

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Her very important speech about the IndyRef2 – Scotland’s latest bid to separate itself from the rest of the country – was in fact left off TV entirely. The bulk of her announcement was only seen by YouTube viewers and various other social media users. And according to the Scottish Daily Express, BBC News, which was airing on BBC Two added to the embarrassment when it cut off from her press conference just before the Scottish Greens co-leader Partrick Harvie started talking. The report said BBC One Scotland even aired a repeat of an episode of Rip Off Britain instead of the press conference before the property show aired at 11.15am.

The blunder was noticed by MP Carol Monaghan, who took to Twitter to point it out.

She said: “The First Minister sets out a plan for independence and BBC1 is showing Homes Under the Hammer.”

Alba general secretary Christopher McEleny added: “The State broadcaster has cut live coverage of a key announcement on a Scottish independence referendum half way in.

“What is the point of the BBC Scotland channel if it doesn’t even cover a live press conference from the First Minister? What other country in the world would this be the case?”

The property programme, fronted by stars Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin, and Martel Maxwell has been broadcast since 2003.

It sees the presenters visit buyers in their new homes which always need extensive renovations.

They then follow the buyer’s journey to finishing, when the estate and letting agents reveal how much the building is worth, or how much it would fare in monthly rent.

It is not clear at this stage whether the episode aired earlier today is a repeat or newly released.

Nicola Sturgeon has published a new series of papers today (June 14) detailing a case for Scotland striving forward for independence.

The SNP leader said these documents would draw on a debate for a second vote for separation after previously vowing to hold another referendum before the end of 2023.

She told the BBC that had her Scottish constituents known about Brexit and the path this country opted to take, she was sure they would have voted for independence back in 2014.

While every debate will hold its supporters and sceptics, many people have pointed out the timing could have been better.


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While every debate will hold its supporters and sceptics, many people have pointed out the timing could have been better.

The First Minister has brought her latest independence bid to the table amid a huge cost of living crisis which is sweeping the nation.

The next attempt for independence has reportedly been snubbed by the UK government who have not engaged in talks about it.

But she has promised a “significant update” in the near future on how such a vote could be held if the UK Government continues with its opposition to a second referendum.

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