Nicola Sturgeon shamed for ‘taking eye off the ball’ with shameless independence obsession

SNP slammed for 'nationalist brainwashing' by McCrae

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The First Minister shared a video on her Twitter urging Scots to join the SNP and digitally campaign for a second independence referendum. But Donald Cameron, Conservative MSP for Highlands and Islands and Shadow Constitution Secretary, took issue with Ms Sturgeon’s attempt to drum up support for independence during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Cameron insisted the First Minister’s focus should be on helping Scotland recover from the pandemic “at a crucial moment”.

He said: “Key industries across Scotland are struggling to cope with staffing shortages just as they are trying to get back on their feet and the SNP’s vaccination rollout has slowed down.

“That is where her focus should be. She should be ensuring businesses can operate as smoothly as possible, redoubling her efforts to ramp up the vaccination programme and guaranteeing restrictions will ease as planned.

“People and businesses have made enormous sacrifices for well over a year and are desperate to return to normality.

“The last thing Scotland needs as we aim to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic is Nicola Sturgeon campaigning for another divisive referendum.”

On Thursday, Ms Sturgeon shared an SNP video urging supporters to share pro-Independence content online and to join the party.

She posted the video with the caption: “Ways to get involved in the campaign for independence.”

The party says the video provides “useful, informative digital resources to help with campaigning”.

It also says party members need to get involved as “a better, independent Scotland is in your hands”.

Social media users noted the lack of information on a second referendum from the SNP, saying Ms Sturgeon should “get on with it”.

The SNP’s push for digital campaigning for a second independence referendum comes despite the party pledging to focus on recovery from Covid in its first 100 days since winning the May 6 election.

Ms Sturgeon and the SNP shared the video 78 days after winning 64 seats.

Three hours after the post, Scotland reported 22 deaths from Covid, its highest daily toll in four months.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said to The Times: “All the first minister should be focused on is steering the country through the pandemic and ensuring restrictions continue to ease as planned.

“The last thing she should be doing is promoting another divisive independence campaign to appease her party’s supporters.”

It comes as journalist Hugo Rifkind explained how a second Independence referendum could be “advantageous” for Boris Johnson.

Speaking to Independence Live, Mr Rifkind said: “The English politicians think it could work to their advantage because English politicians would no longer have to deal with an unwieldy Scottish body in the House of Commons.

“Either England resents the status of Scotland in which case resolve the situation or it doesn’t and there isn’t a problem.

“Federalism is not a perfect solution if you’re a unionist and even as a soft unionist, what I don’t like about federalism is it makes it pretty unlikely that there would ever again be a Scottish Prime Minister of the UK.

“Unless we’re in some sort of minority coalition.”

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