Nicola Sturgeon independence dream dashed as pivotal obstacle to her strategy exposed

IndyRef2: Scottish people ‘enjoy’ royal family says expert

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Nicola Sturgeon was adamant an SNP majority in the Scottish Parliament would ensure she could hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. Her party in May however failed to secure an overall majority and was warned she would face further opposition to her plans. Former Sun royal correspondent Charles Rae told GB News the First Minister would also struggle with the constitutional restraints currently regulating the Scottish Government’s ability to hold a new poll.

Mr Rae said: “Let’s not forget, for a referendum to happen in Scotland…Mrs Sturgeon can jump up and down alls she wants and everything else…

They need to get permission from the UK Government for that referendum.

“Boris Johnson, I know he’s made some strange decisions lately and everything else, but he’s got enough on his plate.

“What he doesn’t need is another referendum in Scotland in the next few weeks or the next year.”

Mr Rae also suggested Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge could become a pivotal tool in the Government’s arsenal against independence.

He said: “William and Catherine should spend more time in Scotland. I mean it’s an old trick, you know.

“I mean I heard back to the days of Australia – if Australia wanted to have a referendum to kick out the monarchy, we just sent across the most popular members of the royal family and the people lined up in the streets, and then that referendum idea just got buried again.”

Mr Rae continued: “So it may well be. We’ll have William and Catherine up there again to not just as visitors but as actually working Royals in the room right up there.


“And that’s one plan that’s been mooted. I do not believe that the people themselves are against the royal family per se.

“The Royal Family do enjoy some sort of special relationship with the Scottish people, and I don’t see that changing.”

Last week, Nicola Sturgeon restarted the push for independence just days before determining whether to cancel coronavirus restrictions in Scotland.


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She posted a four-minute campaign video on social media with the comment: “Ways to get involved in the campaign for independence.”

Addressing the SNP’s calls for a second independence referendum, Scottish Lib Dems MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton argued that the SNP “pivoted” during the last election campaign to focus on leading the country out of the pandemic rather than framing it as securing a mandate for another vote.

“For all the questions that Scotland faces right now, the answer to none of them is another divisive independence referendum,” he said.

“Let’s remember also, Nicola Sturgeon talks about a mandate for a second independence referendum – that mandate is tainted, it’s no good.”

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