‘Nanny state nonsense!’ Philip Davies blasts chaotic lockdown rules ‘They’ve got NO idea!’

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The Government said that as of 9am on Thursday, there had been a further 6,914 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK. It brings the total number of cases in the UK to 460,178 and has seen tougher restrictions have been announced for Liverpool, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough aimed at curbing a rise in infection rates. But Philip Davies MP has insisted the measures are “nanny state nonsense”.

Speaking at the Blue Collar Conservatism conference tonight he said: “I think when we were at the start and in a lockdown, there was a clear reason we needed to be in a lockdown so the NHS can build up the capacity it needed. That was the reason for the lockdown.

“People understood that and they got behind it.

“Now some of the rules just seem so completely arbitrary.

“There’s no rationale behind them and so people think, ‘they’re just making this up as they go along’.

“At the start of the pandemic, wearing a face mask was as much use as a one-legged man in an a**e-kicking contest but now you can barely get off your sofa without putting one on or else you’re going to drop dead.

“Quarantine rules weren’t needed at the height of the pandemic now virtually any country you go to you’ve got to be in quarantine.

“That’s why people lose faith. They’ve got no idea what they’re talking about.”

Mr Davies added: “I think this whole nanny state, socialist approach is trying to micromanage everyone’s lives.”

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