Meghan HUMILIATED – voters think Trump would be better for UK than Duchess in White House

Michela Morizzo shares this week’s polling

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The revelation in an exclusive Techne UK poll for follows one from the US earlier this week which also revealed American voters would choose the former President over her. This is despite growing support for the Duchess of Sussex to make a White House bid among Democrats.

Former President Trump and the Duchess have had a feud since she snubbed him when he made an official visit to the UK and was hosted by the Queen at a dinner that Ms Markle refused to attend.

Mr Trump later hit back claiming that he “felt sorry” for Prince Harry to be married to the former Suits actress.

Polling has consistently shown that Ms Markle has continued to be deeply unpopular in Britain.

This week the 1,624 respondents favoured a Trump presidency over a Markle one by 41 percent to 39 percent.

However, once again, the results showed a split between Brexiteers and pro-EU voters.

For Leave voters from 2016, 50 percent would prefer Trump while 46 percent of Remain voters prefer Ms Markle.

Likewise, 56 percent of Conservative voters back Trump while 47 percent of Labour supporters want Markle.

The Duchess had a small majority of 18 to 44-year-olds while 45 and over backed a Trump presidency.

The results come after another exclusive poll for of US voters revealed that former President Trump would easily beat Ms Markle is they faced each other in the 2024 election by 48 percent to 39 percent.

But with US President Joe Biden expected not to make an attempt to get reelected, the same poll revealed that the Duchess is a clear second favourite among Democrats if they had to select a woman as their Presidential candidate for 2024 only behind Michelle Obama.

She is 10 points ahead of the increasingly unpopular Vice Preisdent Kamala Harris who only polls nine percent among Democrats after a series of gaffes, not least her handling of the border crisis in the south with Mexico.

Democracy Institute director Patrick Basham said: “Megan Markle is a candidate Democratic voters can project their hopes and preferences on.

“Because yes she is a well known figure but she is not a well known political figure.

“Although those who have a sense for politics know that she is of a woke, progressive, left liberal disposition, we don’t know what she thinks in detail on a wide range of issues.

“That doesn’t matter for most people.”


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The Duchess of Sussex’s popularity in the UK has been low since she and Prince Harry gave up Royal duties and fled to America later giving an interview attacking the Royal family with Oprah Winfrey.

In May a Techne UK poll revealed that Ms Markle was the second least popular Royal with 71 percent having a negative view of her. Only Prince Andrew was worse.

Earlier that month 74 percent of people polled by Techne UK for agreed that she and Prince Harry should be stripped of their Royal titles.

Meanwhile, 80 percent backed the Queen’s decision to keep the Duke and Duchess of Sussex off the balcony appearance in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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