Marjorie Taylor Greene’s win in Georgia brings QAnon into Congress and the G.O.P.

QAnon scored its first national political victory on Tuesday when Marjorie Taylor Greene, a supporter of the convoluted pro-Trump conspiracy theory, won a House seat in Georgia, bringing into the halls of Congress an online movement that has inspired real-world violence and been branded a potential domestic terrorism threat by the F.B.I.

Ms. Greene was among at least a dozen Republican congressional candidates — some estimates put the number upward of 20 — who had expressed some degree of support for QAnon and its baseless belief that President Trump is fighting a cabal of Satanist child-molesting Democrats and deep-state bureaucrats who seek global domination.

Ms. Greene’s victory was expected — she was running unopposed in one of the most conservative districts in the country — as were the losses by most of the other QAnon-linked candidates. None of the results altered what by now has become apparent inside and outside the Republican Party: This is the year conspiracy theories, QAnon foremost among them, gained a new foothold in the party.

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