Liz Truss sent urgent plea to name ‘brave and wise’ Chancellor as shock Brexiteer touted

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The Foreign Secretary is tipped to triumph in the ongoing Tory leadership election and is expected by many pundits to be the next occupant of Number 10. One of the major problems the new Prime Minister will have to manage first is the cost-of-living crisis and the UK’s worsening economic outlook.

Economists said if the country is not already in recession, it certainly will be by the end of this year.

The Bow Group, Britain’s and the world’s oldest Conservative think tank, believes this could be worse than the economic collapse seen in 2008.

Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney described this as a “very real possibility”.

Businessman Ben Habib suggested the financial situation will be better further down the line if Ms Truss beats her opponent.

He told “Truss already has a plan. By Tory standards, it is radical.”

Mr Harris-Quinney added the caveat the next PM should also be surrounded by cabinet ministers who offer sound advice on escaping from the current economic rut.

He suggested “the man” who would be perfect for Number 11 Downing Street was Tory MP Sir John Redwood.

The Bow Group Chairman told “A re-ordered cabinet of the same old people will deliver the same old results.

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“We desperately need experience, wisdom and bravery.

“In John Redwood the Conservative Party has the man who set the policy agenda to pull Britain out of the doldrums in the 80s.

“He is the man we need as chancellor to do the same again.”

Sir John has been MP for Wokingham since 1987.

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He has served in a number of ministerial roles.

These have included Corporate Affairs Minister and Minister for Local Government.

He also served as Welsh Minister in the mid-1990s.

Before entering Parliament, from 1983, he headed Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit and became known as a champion of privatisation.

He is perhaps now best known for his staunch and continuous support for Brexit.

Sir John wrote ahead of the 2016 vote that the UK’s withdrawal from the Brussels bloc was “more important than which party wins the next election or who is the prime minister”.

Neither Ms Truss nor Mr Sunak have announced which figures would make up their prospective cabinets, though it is understood plans will be well underway.

Mr Harris-Quinney suggested that a serious role for Sir John could help to break the “repeated cycle [which sees] Conservative leadership candidates running for PM, saying conservative things, going up in the polls, only to do the opposite in office and being ousted”.

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