Lauren Boebert says women are “weaker, lesser vessel, need masculinity”

Between the two sexes, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert called women “the lesser vessel” during a conversation with a conservative comedian Friday.

“We are created equal, we’re not the same,” Boebert told Brad Stine during a video chat. “Women are the lesser vessel and we need masculinity in our lives to balance that, that so-called weakness.”

“Just us being more frail and needing that strength in our lives,” she added.

During a 15-second clip shared on Twitter by the left-leaning account, PatriotTakes, Stine stroked his chin and nodded along. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A representative for Boebert, of Silt, said the congresswoman didn’t mean to say that women are “lesser.”

“She meant to say weaker both times, not lesser,” Boebert spokesman Ben Stout said in an email. “Congresswoman Boebert was explaining that while men and women are different, they complete each other in a beautiful way.”

“At a time when gender differences are being denied by the radical Left, threatening women’s sports and girls’ safety, Congresswoman Boebert believes the differences between men and women should be acknowledged and celebrated, not denied.”

Conservatives across the country have repeatedly moved to ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports despite experts indicating that the movement has no basis in science.

The congresswoman’s comments fit within a broader pattern of expressing contempt for the LGBTQ community and the ever-increasing body of science supporting gender fluidity. She has repeatedly and inaccurately claimed that “there are only two genders” and often repeats a widely debunked claim that students are beginning to identify as animals in school, and that schools are providing litter boxes to those students.

A full video of Boebert’s conversation with Stine was not immediately available but during another nearly six-minute clip of their discussion, the two discussed politics in Washington and the congresswoman leaned on her familiar talking points of blaming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for dysfunction within the congressional chamber.

The Western Slope congresswoman’s comments about women stoked outrage online and with her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, who sought to capitalize on the clip.

“Rep Boebert is belittling the generations of women fighting for freedom to make their own life choices, whether that’s prioritizing careers, families, service or a combo,” Frisch tweeted.

But otherwise, Boebert’s remarks did not appear to have any immediate or concrete blowback within her district, where she’s ahead in fundraising, spending and polling.

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