‘Labour’s not without guilt!’ Kay Burley lays into Anneliese Dodds over Paterson attack

Owen Paterson: Kay Burley quizzes Annalise Dodds on Labour

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Sky News host Kay Burley has told Labour MP Anneliese Dodds that “Labour’s not without guilt” amid the ongoing row over the decision not to suspend the Conservative MP Owen Paterson. Mr Paterson was found to have accepted payments to lobby on behalf of two private companies with whom he had links. On Wednesday night in Parliament Conservative MPs voted to scrap standards rules and block the suspension of Mr Paterson.

Ms Burley told the Labour MP: “I mean Labour’s not with guilt though.

“You’ve had MPs previously who have been taken holidays or whatever and have not declared them.”

Mr Dodds replied: “But whenever it’s been found that an MP on the Labour side has engaged in anything that they shouldn’t have done, we haven’t said as the opposition, right, we’ve got to rip up the system.

“We’ve said right, that person needs to face the consequences of what’s happened.”


Business Secretary Kasi Kwarteng has rejected suggestions that moves to change the standards procedure looked “sleazy”.

He told BBC’s Good Morning Scotland: “I don’t think it does look sleazy.

“I understand people are concerned about standards in public life, I think that is absolutely the right thing to be concerned about.

“I think, in this particular instance, there was a view that he [Owen Paterson] didn’t have a right of appeal, and we need to overhaul the system.”


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