It’s not happening! Remoaner-in-chief Adonis slammed for refusing to accept Brexit vote

Jacob Rees-Mogg 'dumps' Paterson changes

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His comments were roundly mocked by some Twitter users, who called him to “give it a rest”. It comes as Conservative MP Owen Patterson was found by the Commons Standards Committee to have breached the MPs’ code of conduct in four different ways.

On Wednesday, Mr Paterson’s colleagues proposed an amendment to delay a decision on the suspension and form a new committee.

They initially had the backing of the Prime Minister, but Downing Street reversed its decision after public backlash.

The North Shropshire MP is a paid consultant for Randox – a clinical diagnostics company that does Covid-19 testing and pays him £8,333 a month for 16 hours work – and Lynn’s Country Foods, a meat processor and distributor which pays him £2,000 for four hours of work every other month.

This gives him a combined income of £112,000 from the two companies, on top of his parliamentary salary.

Mr Paterson has publicly denied wrongdoing, and this afternoon announced his resignation as an MP.

Tweeting this morning, Andrew Adonis said: “if they can U-turn on this, they can U-turn on a lot else too – including, over time, Brexit”.

Left-wing pundit Ash Sarkar told the Labour peer: “Bro, give it a rest.”

And Telegraph editor Camilla Tominey observed: “Remainers: attempts to overhaul the standards committee are a travesty! (But let’s still try to reverse Brexit)”.

Menwhile, @__FalseNine wrote that there was a “slight difference U-Turning on a vote in the [House of Commons] and doing it on a referendum where 17.4m voted, Andrew.

“I’d expect you to understand this rather than pushing your own agenda forward. P.S. I Voted to remain.”

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Other Twitter users noted humorously that this was just the latest in Lord Adonis’s remoaning.

@5goalthriller mimicked: “‘Hmm, how can I make this about me?’”

While @KafkasDonut said: “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before™”

@DigbyLVI wrote: “give it a f**king break will yer!”

And @TeltheTrekkie said: “Jesus. Get a new gimmick mate”.

@misslucyp noted: “you have to admire his commitment to the bit.”

Just today, Lord Adonis has said that “it is Britain’s destiny to rejoin” the EU, in response to a video of outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel with French President Emmanuel Macron.

He also claimed before Mr Paterson’s resignation that in a by-election he “can be beaten with just one opposition candidate”, citing his first election in which he beat the Labour candidate with just over 4 percent of the vote.

However, at the 2019 election, Mr Paterson won with 62.7 percent of the vote and a majority of over 22,000.

The Labour candidate took just 22.1 percent.

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