‘I’m deeply concerned!’ Brexit fears if Boris Johnson ousted as Prime Minister

Walker: Pro-Europeans 'constantly trying' to undermine Brexit

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Political commentator Andre Walker has argued that “pro-Europeans” are constantly looking to undermine Brexit. Mr Walker told GB News that he was “deeply, deeply concerned” amid mounting pressure on Boris Johnson to stand down as Prime Minister over ‘partygate.’ 

Mr Walker said: “It is true to say that the pro-Europeans whether that be Keir Starmer, whether that be Lord Heseltine, whether that be people in the SNP are constantly trying to find ways of undermining Brexit.

“Now look, I don’t think that Boris Johnson can go on forever.

“But at the same time, you have to recognise that time and time again, this is going to be used as an excuse to try and undermine Brexit and I’m deeply, deeply concerned by it.

“Let’s just remind ourselves of some of the things that the Europeans are doing, a ban on dogs being sent from GB to Northern Ireland and of course, it sounds ludicrous.

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“But what the Europeans are saying is the solution to that is to join the common veterinary policy.”

He added: “I am telling you this debate about Brexit will roll on because time and time again pro Europeans are going to try and incrementally take us back into the EU.

“We’re always going to have to be vigilant.”

It comes as a former Tory adviser’s argued that Boris Johnson’s leadership is threatening the future of Brexit.

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Former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner told GB News last week: “There’s certainly a battle within the Conservative Party for the future of the party.

“There is a battle between more wet elements, and more Thatcherite elements, for the future of the party.

“There are many MPs who fear of course that if Boris Johnson goes then the whole Brexit project will be threatened.

“There are some who fear that an early general election could lead a far-left Government taking power in the UK that actually reverses Brexit.


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“It won’t be part of their platform for the election of course but once in power, a Labour/SNP coalition could seek to fundamentally reverse the process and defy the will of the British people.

“There are major concerns here on so many levels across the board.”

Mr Johnson apologised last Wednesday for attending a “bring your own booze” party in the Downing Street garden in May 2020, when the rest of the country was in lockdown, sparking furious calls for him to resign. 

So far seven MPs have publicly confirmed they have submitted letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson, a total of 54 letters are needed to trigger a confidence vote. 

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