Here we go! Brexit Britain readies for ‘five-star’ year of trade – EU watches on with envy

Boris Johnson: SNP is against every free trade deal

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Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan will this afternoon set out her plan to boost trade with countries worth £140billion in the next 12 months. In 2022 the UK will launch trade talks with India, Mexico, Canada, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, while also on track to secure accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Trade the minister will unveil her plan to use future trade deals to increase job opportunities across the UK and help Boris Johnson’s levelling up agenda.

She will highlight how post-Brexit Britain is shifting its focus to nations in the Indo-Pacific, with emerging economies in the region projected to surpass the economic size of G7 during the 2030s.

Between 2019 and 2050, more than half of global growth is expected to come from the Indo-Pacific.

The Berwick-upon-Tweed MP will say: “A long-term vision for trade means adapting to this changing reality – and reaching out to seize opportunities in the emerging, high-value markets where demand for our world-class goods and services is high.

“This means focusing our efforts on those parts of the world that can supercharge UK trade in industries of the future like digital, services and tech.

“Not retrenching and retreating into protectionism, but reaching out to trade with the world’s fastest-growing markets.

“While ensuring Britain’s status as a global exporter, centre for foreign investment, and champion of international trade.”

Britain is currently the world’s second-largest exporter of services.

It is a global leader in finance, green tech, life sciences and creative industries and the fifth-biggest exporter of digital tech services.

Ms Trevelyan believes the strengths offer an opportunity for the UK in trade deals.

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She will say: “Our task is to capitalise on these amazing strengths – setting the frameworks for Great British business to thrive from Washington DC to Wellington.

“This in turn will create jobs, opportunities, and prosperity across every part of our United Kingdom, while championing the cause of free markets, free enterprise, and free trade.”

Earlier this year the UK already started to put some of this plan into action, launching negotiations on a new digital trade agreement with Singapore.

It was the first time a European country has begun work on a Digital Economy Agreement.

Ms Trevelyan’s re-commitment to five major trade deals next year comes after the Department for International Trade last week set out the UK’s export strategy for the next decade.

Ministers want the UK to double its exports to £1trillion worth of goods and services by 2030.

The Government is looking to help increase the number of SMEs and entrepreneurs exporting abroad to help meet the target.

Pledging to work hand-in-hand with UK businesses to make the most of new deals, the Trade Secretary will say: “With the energy, innovation, and engagement of businesses, communities and this ambitious strategy we will unleash our nation’s brilliant potential and write a new chapter in our proud trading history.”

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