GB News: ‘Completely looney’ Joe Biden blasted after slamming MAGA – ‘Too extreme’

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Jason Miller, former senior advisor to Donald Trump, said that it was a “Hillary Clinton basket of deplorable moment” in a reference to comments made by the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential nominee. Mr Miller went further ripping Mr Biden’s argument apart, claiming that he had campaigned in 2020 to return a “sense of civility “ to the White House

He went on to tell GB News host Dan Wootton that this was Mr Biden’s “Hindenburg, Titanic moment” and that the left had gone “completely looney”.

He said: “Joe Biden his entire campaign in 2020 was based on returning to civility and a sense of decorum to The White House.

“It truly will be a Hindenburg Titanic moment where it’s clear that Joe Biden is looking down his nose at all those voters in flyover country.

“And I think it’s textbook gaslighting here, Dan, because the recent polling in the US showed that 54 percent of Americans think that democratic policies have moved too far to the left. They’ve become too extreme.

“There’s a reason why polling out today 61 percent of Americans say Joe Biden shouldn’t even run.

“Whether it be on inflation or on crime or on immigration on the southern border the left has gone completely looney here.”

Dan Wootton asked US Political analyst and White House commentator Jon-Christopher Bua if MAGA was really worse than Antifa or the Klu Klux Klan.

However, in response Mr Bua slammed Mr Wootton claiming that the Kiwi didn’t “even know” what Antifa was and slammed Mr Miller for his “slash and burn” tactics.

Mr Bu also defended Mr Biden arguing that he was a “tough guy from Pennsylvania”.

He said: “You don’t even know what Antifa means with great respect Dan.

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“I’m not taken aback by Jason because I’m used to him.

“Look, Joe Biden a tough guy from Pennsylvania he doesn’t like any of this nonsense.”

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