Four in five agree with Nigel Farage that Brexit has ‘failed’ – YOU VOTED

Nigel Farage on Newsnight: ‘Brexit has failed’

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage said Brexit has “failed” because the Government has “mismanaged” the UK’s withdrawal from the bloc.

A new poll has shown that more than four in five readers agree with Mr Farage.

The GB News host told BBC Newsnight on Monday, May 15, that the UK has “not actually benefited from Brexit economically” but denied that Britain would have been better off remaining in the European Union.

He explained: “We haven’t benefited from Brexit economically when we could have done. What Brexit has proved, I’m afraid, is that our politicians are about as useless as the commissioners in Brussels were. We have mismanaged this totally.”

He continued: “And if you look at simple things such as takeovers, corporation tax, we are driving business away from our country. Arguably, now we’re back in control we’re regulating our own businesses even more than they were as EU members. Brexit has failed.”

In response, ran a poll from 9am on Wednesday, May 17 to 8.30am on Friday, May 19, asking readers: “Is Nigel Farage right — has Brexit really ‘failed’?”

Overall, 11,687 votes were cast with the vast majority, 83 percent (9,723 people), answering “yes” in agreement with Mr Farage. Whereas 15 percent (1,717 people) said “no” and two percent (247 people) said they did not know.

Thousands of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on the handling of Brexit.

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Many readers agreed with Mr Farage’s view, with username philster611. Commenting: “Brexit was doomed to be a failure before it was even a concept.”

Username FranceEuropeFirst added: “Yes Brexit has really really failed. As expected.”

Meanwhile, some readers thought that the failure lay with the Government’s handling of the withdrawal process. Username Oldreo declared that there was “mismanagement from the start”.

And username freetrade wrote: “Yes because the political will was not there to deliver what we voted for.”

Other readers argued that Brexit has not been a failure. Uername Ricky1954 said: “Brexit hasn’t failed. We have left the EU. That in itself is a success.”

Username DaemonStorm explained: “Brexit has not failed, the government has failed to use the powers given it by Brexit.”

Similarly, username lordrobert said: “It is not Brexit that has failed, it is the politicians that have failed to deliver Brexit.”

While username SanjayP added: “The decision to leave the EU relied on delivery. It is the delivery that hasn’t lived up to expectations, not the idea of leaving.”

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