Fiona Bruce skewers Tory MP as Question Time audience breaks out in ‘murmur of disbelief’

Question Time: Steven Bartlett slams Tory government

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Fiona Bruce took a swipe at Rachel MacLean for backing Prime Minister Boris Johnson despite the mounting pressure facing her party leader. The BBC Question Time presenter was flabbergasted when the Tory MP told entrepreneur Steve Bartlett that Mr Johnson still has her faith despite repeated policy U-turns and scandals. Even the audience took exception to her comments, breaking out in a “murmur of disbelief.”

The ongoing Christmas party scandal was a major talking point throughout the programme, with Ms MacLean taking a lot of flak from fellow QT panellists.

The heated debate started with fellow guest Steven Bartlett venting his frustration at Mr Johnson and comparing his Christmas party antics to a disloyal partner.

Mr Bartlett said: “Once your girlfriend cheats on you, you’re always gonna be suspicious.

“Boris really probably does need to go.

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Mr Bartlett went as far as suggesting Ms MacLean herself had lost confidence in the Prime Minister in recent weeks and would not “trust” him.

He said: “I actually think Rachel, interestingly, I don’t actually think you trust Boris.

“I don’t. I don’t. Do you?”

As the public cheered and applauded, Ms MacLean’s subsequent comments raised eyebrows.

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Her response to Mr Bartlett’s question was that “yes” she supports Boris Johnson.

Her comment was met with disbelief and caused the audience to chuckle.

Ms Bruce then took matters in her own hands and aimed a swipe at her, reminding her that she once supported one of Mr Johnson’s rivals, Michael Gove.

She said: “You supported Michael Gove for the leadership, do you trust Boris Johnson?

The Tory MP said: “Yes, I do trust him. I do trust him. I do trust him. Obviously, there has been a lot…”


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But she was unable to finish her sentence as the incredulous audience began to murmur, shrug shoulders and voice their disapproval.

Ms Bruce also questioned the Government’s Plan B, asking why people have to work from home but still are able to attend Christmas events under new Covid restrictions.

She asked: “You are encouraging them to work from home if they can, but to go to Christmas parties, what is the logic of that?”

Ms MacLean replied that one “has to consider the big picture” and that people’s mental health would be boosted if they can go to a party and catch up with their friends and family.

But Ms Bruce, however, asked her why the rule merely applies to families and friends. She asked: “What about seeing your colleagues?”

The Tory MP dodged the question and repeated what she had said seconds earlier, emphasing how vital it is to people to see their family and friends.

 She said: “This is about the big picture. It’s about the balance. Having some sense of normality is really important to people.”


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