EU and Joe Biden set for major showdown as US President ‘copying Donald Trump’

Joe Biden 'not in charge of his office' says US voter poll

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Mr Trump was deeply unpopular among European Union leaders. Among those who disapproved were German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has never attempted to hide her dislike of the ex-President. Back in 2016, Mrs Merkel greeted Mr Trump’s victory with an extraordinary warning: that she would work with the US President on the condition that he respected democratic values.

Things did not improve from there.

The transatlantic relationship deteriorated significantly after Mr Trump’s arrival at the White House, with disagreements over international trade, defence and technology.

European officials also struggled with his direct style and use of Twitter.

With Democrat Mr Biden moving into the Oval Office, many were expecting things to go back to how they were before Mr Trump burst onto the scene.

However, Brussels seems to have already been let down.

Italian MEP Marco Zanni wrote on Twitter earlier this year: “So in the EU, those who thought the music would change with Biden are being disappointed?

“The duties imposed by Trump on EU products are still standing?

“And oh, did you hear Biden even signed a “Buy American Act”?

“You don’t say…”

The Obama administration sought to sign a trade deal with Europe known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which would have made it easier for American products to be sold in Europe and vice versa.

However, both sides failed to strike an agreement and further talks died after Mr Trump became President.

Some in Europe believed Mr Biden, who was Mr Obama’s Vice President during the TTIP negotiations, would rekindle the push for free trade across the Atlantic.

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However, Mr Biden signed an executive order to tighten “Buy American” requirements in federal government procurement – a first step to fulfilling his campaign promise to bolster the country’s manufacturing sector.

In an exclusive interview with, Swedish MEP Peter Lundgren claimed Mr Biden and the EU are set for a major showdown.

He explained: “The main purpose during the US election campaign was to discredit Donald Trump.

“He did not stand a chance as everyone was lifting Joe Biden.

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“What we are seeing now is that Biden is pretty much copying Donald Trump.

“Biden is trying the same politics and that’s not what the EU expected to happen.

“They are hoping it is a minor setback and soon Biden will be the liberal they want him to be but they’ll be disappointed because Biden will have to deal with the coronavirus situation in America.

“He will have to stick to some of Donald Trump’s policies.”

Mr Lundgren added: “I think there will be a major showdown but we are not there yet.”

Earlier this month, Mr Trump returned to the campaign trail with a rally in Ohio, campaigning against a Republican who voted for his impeachment and trailing his own candidacy for president in 2024.

Mr Trump repeated his election 2020 grievances and hit out at a country under Democratic control, while in another echo the past, the crowd chanted “Lock her up” at the mention of Hillary Clinton, the Democrat he defeated in 2016.

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