End of the EU? Ex-Brexit Party MEP lists FOUR major flaws that could topple bloc in 2021

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With less than 40 days before the end of the transition period, there are strong suggestions emerging from Brussels that the European Commission, led by President Ursula von der Leyen, is prepared to rush through a last-minute agreement without it being ratified by the European Parliament or individual member states, in a move which would be highly controversial. Mr Lowe, the former chairman of Southampton FC, told Express.co.uk he was unsurprised by the claims.

He said: “The EU hierarchy are fighting for their lives and desperate people do desperate things.

“The euro was their response to the failing political experiment and is grinding Southern Europe into penury at an alarming rate.

“Brexit has put the fear of God into them as it is the logical path for these Southern Countries to follow if they are to act in the best interests of their people.

“If Biden is confirmed, he will embolden them given his Irish heritage, dislike of England and his general approach to world politics.

“Interestingly I think Germany is in for a rough time as the green fad spreads like wildfire and she has to deal with the legacy of the internal combustion engine.”

Mr Lowe also said the EU’s behaviour illustrated precisely why the UK should have adopted a direct approach when it came to plotting its trading relationship with the continent after the end of the year.

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He explained: “Our approach should have been to entreat with the other Sovereign states of Europe over the heads of the EU bureaucracy.

“The main problem is that Boris should never have signed the WD, PA and NIP after winning the election but failed to read grasp the initiative.”

Meanwhile, Tory MP and staunch Brexiteer Daniel Kawczynski has said the move highlighted a “deeply worrying” trend – as well as underlining precisely why the UK had opted to leave in the first place.

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Mr Kawczynski told Express.co.uk: “This is another clear demonstration as to how the unelected Commission seizes more power and autonomy away from people who cannot easily throw them out.

“It is deeply worrying and reaffirms just how right we are to be leaving.”

Sky News’ Europe Correspondent, Adam Parsons yesterday suggested a deal could be “rushed through” to beat the looming deadline.

He added: “One thing that jumps out is something called provisional application.

“What that might mean is that if a deal is agreed at the last-minute, it’s put in place before it’s even ratified.

“One source told me that would be a very precarious option.”

A European Commission spokesman told Express.co.uk: “Negotiations are ongoing.

“We are working hard for a deal. We are not going to speculate about dates.

“Michel Barnier has always said that there must be time at the end of the negotiations for the European Parliament and Council to have their say on any potential deal.”

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