Emotional Caroline Lucas rips up physical copy of Illegal Migrant Bill

Caroline Lucas rips up green papers in Parliament

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Green Party MP Caroline Lucas threw an emotional tantrum in the House of Commons this evening, ripping up a copy of Suella Braverman’s Illegal Migrant Bill during the MPs’ debate. 

Concluding her speech, the left-wing MP told the Commons: “The Home Secretary on the face of this bill invites Parliament to rip up International law.

“The only act of a parliament that has some kind of moral integrity is to rip up her illegal and immoral bill, which has no place on our statute book.”

As she spoke the final sentence, she ripped a copy of the bill up into quarters, screwed the pile of paper up and threw it down on a Commons bench. 

One Twitter user joked: “What a waste of paper from the Green MP.”

Caroline Lucas had spent three minutes lambasting the highly popular bill, which the latest polling shows 42 percent support versus 25 percent opposing. 

Ms Lucas claimed the legislation is “immoral and deeply cruel and divisive. It breaks international law, runs roughshod over human rights and shames us all”.

Earlier this evening the Green Party’s only MP spoke at a demonstration outside Parliament, alongside Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Lucas told the crowd that the Government’s refugee bill is “vile and morally repugnant”.

She said: “In the words of British Somali poet Warsan Shire, no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land; unless home is the mouth of a shark or the barrel of a gun.”

The Parliament Square rally was a precursor to a larger march this Saturday, which will parade from the BBC building in central London to Downing Street.

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