Emmanuel Macron dubbed ‘jack***’ after furious reaction to AUKUS deal ‘Behaved daftly!’

Emmanuel Macron to 'criticise' Biden over AUKUS says Turle

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GB News host Dan Wootton spoke to political commentators Albie Amankona and Alex Deane and reflected on the ongoing row between Australia and France. Australia agreeing AUKUS deal resulted in them pulling out of a submarine deal with France, to the dismay of French President Emmanuel Macron. Both Mr Amankona and Mr Deane dubbed Mr Macron a “jack***” and agreed he and French politicians have been behaving daftly following this.

Mr Amankona said: “My Union Jack*** is Emmanuel Macron and French politicians in general.

“Their attitudes towards Britain and British politicians and British success always stinks.

“I think Emmanuel Macron showed himself up with this whole AUKUS deal and his reaction to it.

“There are break clauses in contracts for a reason.

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“Australia wanted better technology, nuclear submarines so they could stay underwater for longer so they went with the US and UK.

“France couldn’t offer it, maybe they should improve their submarine technologies so they have got a better product to offer in the future.”

Mr Deane added: “I think the French have behaved so daftly now.

“Who is going to want to be their customer now?

Johnson tells Macron to 'get a grip' over Aukus submarine deal

“If things don’t work out they are going to go around the world slagging you off.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson took aim at President Macron on the issue while speaking to reporters in Washington.

While switching to French, Mr Johnson said: “Get a grip and give me a break.”

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He continued: “I just think it’s time for some of our dearest friends around the world to prenez un grip about this and donnez-moi un break.

“Because this is fundamentally a great step forward for global security.

“It’s three very like-minded allies standing shoulder to shoulder creating a new partnership for the sharing of technology.

“It’s not exclusive, It’s not trying to shoulder anybody out. It’s not adversarial towards China, for instance.”

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