Desperate Remainers launch online bid to ‘Rejoin EU’ after final extension deadline

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EU supporters expressed their woes on social media after the clock struck midnight and Britain could no longer request a Brexit delay. They hit out at the “criminals” that “colluded to make Brexit happen” as the UK finally ruled out a delay to unshackling itself from the bloc.

Britain’s transition period ends in December.

Remainers took to social media to complain of the “desperately sad day”.

One said: “Let’s #RejoinEU”

Another tweeted: “Last night, this far right authoritarian government stole the rights for you, your children & grandchildren to work, live, study & retire in 27 European countries.

“In December, your right to access life-saving meds, and freely available fresh food will go too #RejoinEU #Brexit.”

Another Remainer added: “Today, I have no witticisms or rants to share. I am too angry with the criminals (for that is what they are) who colluded to make Brexit happen & too heartbroken at all we are losing. #RejoinEU”

One posted: “Only one thought this desperately sad morning and one hashtag. #RejoinEU And you?

Another said: “No extension. Which should horrify anyone with a conscience: real hardships will result. But Brexiters should take it a lot harder than Remainers. Their project just got sabotaged. Life outside the EU will now definitely be awful. And after the pain and chaos we will #RejoinEU.”

One added: “ur gov – so small-minded, so corrupt and so arrogant. Maybe it’s too early to say #RejoinEU but it’s all I have in my heart right now to give me hope. One day. (sic)”

Another posted: “Why don’t Brexiters care about losing their freedom of movement? #RejoinEU.”

Their voices added to a rally of Brexit panic sweeping through the Remainer camp with Anna Soubry warning a no deal outcome between the UK and EU is “perilously close”.

The former Government minister and leader of the failed Independent Group for Change tweeted: “The date for any extension has passed & we’re perilously close to the no deal #Brexit Leave leaders promised would never happen but which we now know they actually want.

“#Covid19 will be a convenient mask for impending economic disaster of #NoDeal.

“They just keep on lying to us.”

Meanwhile, the Scotland Secretary told MPs Scottish ministers “need to wake up to the fact that we have left the EU and we will leave the transition period on the 31 December”. 

Alister Jack said: “I know the Scottish Government don’t like the outcomes of referendums when they don’t go their way, but this is another one we’re delivering on.”

SNP MP Pete Wishart (Perth and North Perthshire) raised Brexit and indyref2, asking: “An opinion poll recently found that 63% of the Scottish people back a Brexit extension on top of an overwhelming majority who opposed a Brexit disaster in its entirety. And the Secretary of State’s probably seen an opinion poll that finds 54% of the Scottish people now want an independent Scotland. What does the Secretary of State believe links these opinion polls and what does it tell him about where our country’s headed?”

Mr Jack replied: “I think the whole House would like to congratulate him on giving up his own independence getting engaged last weekend. The answer is that we had a general election, we had resounding majority across the UK for a manifesto that said we would leave, we would honour the result of the referendum.

‘We are going to honour that result, we’re going to take back control of our laws, our borders, our money and we’re going to leave the hated Common Fisheries Policy – here’s the independent bit for (him) we’re going to become an independent coastal state.”

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