Boris Johnson yet to show how he’d rule Brexit Britain – PM to decide UK fate in autumn

Boris Johnson hasn't been able to 'govern normally' says expert

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Professor Anand Menon, director of think tank UK in a changing Europe, insisted Mr Johnson has not had the opportunity to show how he would run the UK in normal circumstances. During an interview with, Professor Menon argued Mr Johnson and his Government had their was drawn away from other issues of leadership during the pandemic. He added that, in the autumn, British people will be able to get a better understanding of how this Tory Government intends to bolster Brexit Britain going forward.

Professor Menon said: “What does the UK’s future look like?

“In a sense, that depends on what the Government does.

“One of the great benefits of Brexit, as far as Brexiteers were concerned, is that politicians would be free to make the rules they wanted to make.

“They would then be accountable to the British people as they would not be able to hide behind the European Union.”

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Professor Menon noted that Mr Johnson and his Government haven’t been able to show their leadership capabilities beyond dealing with coronavirus.

He said: “To be fair to Boris Johnson, we have not really had the time to judge him as of yet, simply because as soon as he came into office we were struck with the pandemic.

“So Boris hasn’t really had the chance to govern normally.

“I think things will be a lot clearer in the autumn time when we get a sense of how the Government wants to address some of the trickier economic issues they are going to have to deal with like state borrowing.

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“Secondly, we also get a sense of how large the numbers of unemployment are going to be when we come out of furlough.

“I think issues like that will determine the medium-term success of this country.”

Professor Menon made these comments ahead of Mr Johnson’s announcement on how he and his Government plan to tackle the issue of social care.

The Prime Minister and his Government have faced significant criticism following plans to introduce an increased National Insurance tax. 

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While making the announcement in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson admitted that he was aware that he and his party were breaking a manifesto promise.

However, he defended this move by claiming a pandemic was not a foreseeable event in anyone’s manifesto. 

The tax hike will see Britons and employers paying an additional 1.25 percent in national insurance per year.

It means someone earning £24,100 a year will be forced to cough up an extra £180 to the taxman, while someone earning £67,100 will pay an extra £715.

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