‘Boris Johnson puts himself first and takes us for granted’

Show your face, Boris

Now we know where the Prime Minister’s priorities lie. Boris Johnson has yet to visit any of the areas hit by the floods.

He has not shown any sympathy for the victims who have lost their homes or seen their businesses washed away.

Nor has he uttered a single word of thanks to the emergency services, volunteers and civil servants who have been working around the clock to help those affected.

But the PM has made time to attend a lavish Tory fundraiser, where he rubbed shoulders with Britain’s wealthy elite over a three-course meal, washed down with fine wines.

Mr Johnson clearly thinks boosting the Conservative coffers is more important than showing leadership as the country faces the worst floods in years and an unprecedented public health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

When he needed people’s votes, he rushed to the scene of the floods.

Now he is in Downing Street, he cannot be bothered to look for his wellies.

At times of crisis, the public look to their Prime Minister for reassurance.

Instead, we have a leader who puts himself first and takes the rest of us for granted.

Dire situation

The diabetes crisis in the UK is so bad that one in six NHS beds is occupied by someone with the condition.

This is now one of the greatest, if not the greatest, health challenge facing the country.

The scale of the problem is underlined by figures showing there are 10,000 amputations a year because of the disease.

All of us have a responsibility to act. We must take more exercise, lose weight and eat better.

Manufacturers and shops must do more to provide healthier produce that is lower in salt and sugar. The human cost is too high for us to continue as we are.

Heinz is combining beans and spaghetti hoops to create new product Boopz.

They may need to use Alphabetti Spaghetti to work on their spelling.

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