Boris erupts at Sturgeon’s threat of Scotland border closure – ‘Absolutely SHAMEFUL!’

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Boris Johnson hit out at Nicola Sturgeon as he was challenged to condemn Holyrood proposals to institute a virtual border with England to keep the coronavirus pandemic under control in Scotland. First Minister Sturgeon signalled she would be willing to impose checks on tourists travelling to England who do not comply with current lockdown measures in place across the nation. But addressing the issue during PMQs on Wednesday, the Prime Minister issued a fiery rebuttal of the threat.

Mr Johnson said:I must say I find the suggestion absolutely astonishing and shameful.

“There will be no such discussion with the Scottish Administration about that.

“But I will point out to my Honourable Friend, there is no such thing as a border between England and Scotland.”

Scotland and England have been managing the health crisis at different speeds as health remains a devolved issue mostly in the hands of the Scottish First Minister. 

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