‘Boris can survive whatever’ as ousting threat shut down with partygate inquiry end

Expert believes 'Boris can survive whatever'

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Boris Johnson will not receive an additional partygate fine as the police have decided to conclude the partygate investigation. In light of the announcements and the attention now shifting to Sue Gray’s full report, GB News presenter Paul Hawkins jokingly pointed out the Prime Minister “can probably survive whatever Sue Gray report throws him”, considering the police investigation outcome. Political reporter Bill Bowkett also reacted to the police’s decision and openly dismissed the possibility of any “leadership challenge” inside the government, at least among Tory MPs.

Mr Hawkins said: “It feels like that if he can survive being the only sitting Prime Minister to have committed a criminal act and still stay in power.

“He can probably survive whatever the Sue Gray report throws him.”

Mr Bowkett added: “I don’t think there’s any mood, at least among Tory MPs, for a leadership challenge anyway.

He explained: “Back in January when we were in the height of the partygate scandal when the Metropolitan Police first announced that.

“And we had the initial Sue Gray report.

“I think the most number of letters that were even sent to Sir Graham Brady, the Chairman of the 1992 Committee, of calling for a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson were only about 25.

“And even last month, I think the maximum number of MPs or at least went in public saying Boris Johnson should face the electorate in the next election was probably about 12.

“You need 54 letters to trigger a leadership contest and then you need a majority of Tory MPs”.

Mr Bowkett also added: “I think now the attention is going to be away from the partygate scandal.

“Of course, we still have the full Sue Gray report.

“We’ve got a full investigation by the Privileges Committee into whether Boris Johnson deliberately misled the House of Commons.

“But now the attention is rightly focused on the Government’s agenda, the Queen’s speech we had last week, and the big issue right now which is the cost of living crisis”.

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Boris Johnson previously received a £50 fixed penalty notice for a gathering held at 10 Downing Street on his birthday on June 19, 2020.

In light of the police’s announcement that the partygate probe is now concluded, Mr Johnson’s spokesman announced that “the Met have confirmed that they are taking no further action with regards to the Prime Minister”.

Now the attention is on the reports by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

The report is expected to provide more details on the nature of what happened at No.10 during the last coronavirus lockdown while covid restrictions were in place.

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