Blackford resignation marks beginning of end of ‘Sturgeon era’

SNP 'beginning to come apart at the seams' says Galloway

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George Galloway declared that the SNP is “coming apart at the seams” following the sudden resignation of Ian Blackford this week. Mr Blackford stepped down from his role as SNP leader at Westminster in a devastating blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s position as SNP leader. Mr Galloway pointed out that the resignation comes on top of the Supreme Court ruling against a unilateral independence referendum, which had already sparked concerns among Ms Sturgeon’s leadership.

Speaking to GB News, the former MP said: “There’s great rejoicing in Scotland about Blackford’s resignation.

“He was a cringing embarrassment to the country.

“His bloviating, bullying manner, while claiming to speak for the people of Scotland, was very greatly deprecated here, and quite rightly.

“It’s not the kind of people we are.”

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He added: “The SNP is beginning to come apart at the seams. It is the end of the Nicola Sturgeon era, as the Salmond era before it.”

Mr Galloway said Mr Blackford’s resignation made Ms Sturgeon’s position as leader of the SNP “more precarious”.

He joked: “Sturgeon is just waiting for the right international job offer to come along and then she will be gone. That’s the meaning of all these meaningless trips abroad.”

The SNP critic continued: “Sturgeon will feel it is time to go.

“The bitter blow of the Supreme Court ruling refusing them permission to hold a self-announced referendum marks the end of her era.

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“The Scottish separatist cause will not go away – it might even benefit from a change of leader.

“There are many in the SNP who think Sturgeon has taken the party as far as she can go.”

Mr Blackford came as a surprise after the SNP MP told the Scotsman last week he “looked forward” to putting himself forward for re-election as the party’s Westminster leader.

Labour’s shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray said Mr Blackford’s decision to stand down showed that the SNP was in “total disarray”.


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Scottish Conservative Chairman Craig Hoy MSP, said: “Ian Blackford has jumped before he was pushed.

“His resignation is a total humiliation for Nicola Sturgeon.

“The SNP Westminster group are clearly in a state of disarray and Nicola Sturgeon is rapidly losing her grip over her party.”

The Westminster group’s AGM will be held next Tuesday, with the leader being selected by the 44 MPs who currently hold the SNP whip before next week’s PMQs.

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