BBC Question time: Outrage as ‘Corbyn propaganda’ outlet Novara Media invited onto show

Tonight’s episode of BBC Question Time will see host Fiona Bruce debate with Tory MP George Justice, Labour’s Alison McGovern, broadcaster Michael Portillo, economist Howard Davies and journalist Ash Sarkar. But many people have objected to the addition of the final guest, the 27-year-old political activist, due to her close involvement with Novara Media – a radical left-wing organisation. The outlet has long been dubbed as the “unofficial Corbyn propaganda machine”, leading many to question her inclusion on the panel.

People took to Twitter to express their outrage that Ms Sarkar, a self-professed communist, is to appear on the BBC1 programme.

One person wrote: “Why giving air time to failed Corbynista running a dissolved company?”

A second person said: “Dear BBC Nobody cares about Novara media , they are why Labour lost the election.”

A third user vowed to switch off from the show, and wrote: “If Ash Sarkar is on I’m not watching it, and I hope she isn’t being paid to appear cos I don’t like the idea of my licence fee being used to fund her appearance.”

Another person agreed and said: “I can’t listen to her. I won’t be watching.”

Other people said the commentators views were now outdated.

One person said: “The general election confirmed that the ideas of people like Ash, Owen Jones and Paul Mason have been comprehensively rejected.

“We should not have to see them on our TV screens again. Especially on the publicly funded BBC.”

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Norvara Media was launched in 2011 by James Butler and Aaron Bastani and is based in south-east London.

In recent years the organisation has been associated with outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and has been heavily criticised for pushing a pro-Corbyn agenda.

LBC presenter Iain Dale previously described Novara Media as “a Corbyn supporting propaganda organisation”.

Other Twitter users called out the organisation for being the “cult of Corbyn propaganda machine” and “Corbyn’s propaganda outlet”.

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Ms Sarkar will be joined by newly-appointed Environment Secretary George Eustie, who was promoted to the role in last week’s cabinet reshuffle.

The Tory MP is a hardline Brexiteer and previously ran as a UKIP candidate.

Labour backbencher Alison McGovern also joins the panel, as well as Sir Howard Davies the chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The final member of the panel is former Tory politician Michael Portillo.

After over two decades in politics, Mr Portillo now works as a journalist and broadcaster.

Tonight’s episode of Question Time takes place in Weymouth, Dorset, and will air at 10.35pm on BBC1.

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