BBC Question Time erupts in laughter after audience member’s bizarre Boris Johnson analogy

Question Time audience member asks 'is Boris Johnson okay?'

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One BBC Question Time audience member questioned the excuses made by Boris Johnson and the Government amid a series of blunders and U-turns. Adrian Lee, speaking at the panel programme in Cardiff, simply asked: “Is the Prime Minister okay?” This sparked laughter across the audience and panel, as host Fiona Bruce turned the question back to him and asked about his thoughts on the PM.

The audience member answered by using an analogy for the Prime Minister’s recent setbacks.

Mr Lee said: “I can’t comment on his mental and physical state, but sometimes the excuses I hear about the Government’s performance is that they are doing their best.

“I’ve got a two-year-old and at the moment we’re potty training him.”

Ms Bruce responded: “I’m wondering where this is going to go.”

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The audience member continued: “Every day he tries his best, but inevitably there will be an accident.

“With little Stan, one day he’s going to get it and his best is going to be good enough.

“Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Boris and the Government.

“And I don’t think there will be enough toilet paper left!”

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During the discussion on Boris Johnson’s grip on power, one audience member also bashed Mr Johnson and claimed he “embarrassed himself” during the much-ridiculed speech at the CBI’s annual conference on Monday.

He said: “And leaving the blunders aside, what actually concerns me more is the North of England was mentioned 26 times.

“London was mentioned 13 times.

“Do you want to guess how many times Wales was mentioned?”


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He continued: “It wasn’t mentioned once.

“Last week it was a sleaze and scandal and corruption.

“This week it is embarrassing himself in front of the business world of this country.

“We have had enough, especially here in Wales.”

According to The Independent, Boris Johnson has been warned he faces the real prospect of a leadership challenge in the new year if he fails to improve his performance.

A senior backbencher told the paper that furious Tory MPs are currently demanding better from the Prime Minister following a recent run of miscalculations and blunders.

The MP suggested that after Christmas, Tory MPs could turn their focus to ensuring that a new leader is in place ahead of a general election expected in 2023.

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