BBC audience slams SNP thirst for IndyRef2 as he warns of distraction

BBC audience member says IndyRef2 debates are ‘time wasting’

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With the issue of Scottish independence dominating Scotland’s politics, a BBC audience member expressed his frustration at how more pressing issues are being ignored by the SNP. Political opponents have slashed Nicola Sturgeon’s party for turning a blind eye to the NHS backlogs, the cost of living crisis and the second-highest alcohol-related death toll in western Europe. 

With the independence issue now monopolising the debate, a weary anti-independence voter aired his anti-IndyRef2 grievances on BBC Debate Night.

The unnamed audience member said: “I think it’s quite obvious how heated the debate is on both sides and how much energy, money, and time we are wasting discussing it, debating it, no matter what side you fall on.

“Personally I’d vote against independence. But whatever side you fall on, let’s just have the vote and get on with it.

“Every issue is being distracted by it.”

Since the yes vote campaign lost the case for independence in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon has been almost exclusively running on the promise to hold a second vote.

The SNP leader has repeatedly tried to snatch a second independence referendum from Westminster but failed amid opposition from successive Conservative Prime Ministers. 

Boris Johnson, Theresa May and Liz Truss have all argued now is now the time for a vote given the economic crisis and that the 2014 referendum was a once-in-a-generation vote.

The First Minister is now taking the fight for independence in the UK Supreme Court, where she hopes judges will rule in favour of an advisory referendum on Scottish independence. 

In her statement to the Supreme Court, the Scottish government’s top law officer, Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain, argued it was in the “public interest” to settle the “festering issue” after years of tug-of-war between Westminster and Holyrood.

She added vote would be “advisory” and have no legal effect on the union.

However, UK law officers argued passing a referendum bill in the Holyrood is outside the Parliament’s competency because a referendum “plainly relates to reserved matters”.

They added a yes vote would inevitably lead to the execution of the vote. 

Nicola Sturgeon could also hold an advisory vote and then get Scotland’s independence from the union, Prof Aileen McHarg told


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If the court rules against her bid for independence, Nicola Sturgeon has threatened to run exclusively on the message of independence in the next General Election.

She said she would hold the next referendum on October 19 next year if she gets the green light from the court.

Judges are expected to give their verdict in months.

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