Aurora City Council looks to deter illegal street racing with new ordinance – The Denver Post

AURORA — Constant images of organized street racing is driving the city of Aurora to say, “Enough.”

“We’re not going to accept this type of behavior,” said Aurora At-Large Councilmember Curtis Gardner.

If a new ordinance is passed into law Monday night, councilmembers say it will serve as a deterrent to illegal street racers.

“Coming from a public safety perspective, what this does is it really goes after the vehicle and the vehicle owner to deter this behavior so there is due process involved but basically we would have the tool to impound the vehicle under a temporary restraining order,” said Aurora Ward 6 Councilwoman Franciose Bergman.

For example, if police arrive to a scene and spot a large crowd of street racers, instead of pursuing them, they’ll simply pull their license plates, and the owner of the car will receive a letter from the court.

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