A man who provided security for Roger Stone on Jan. 6 is arrested in connection with the Capitol assault.

A suspected member of the Oath Keepers militia who provided security for Roger J. Stone Jr. on the day the Capitol was attacked has been arrested in connection with the riot, federal authorities said on Monday.

The man, Robert Minuta, was expected to appear on Monday afternoon in federal court in White Plains, N.Y. to face charges stemming from the siege. The documents containing the specific crimes that Mr. Minuta is said to have committed were not made public in advance of the hearing.

Last month, The New York Times and other media outlets identified Mr. Minuta, who owns a tattoo parlor in upstate New York, as one of six people with ties to the Oath Keepers who guarded Mr. Stone, a close ally and adviser to former President Donald J. Trump, on the morning of Jan. 6 or the day before.

Mr. Stone, whose sentence for seven felony charges was commuted by Mr. Trump, was in Washington on the day the then-president spoke to a crowd ahead of the assault on the Capitol. Mr. Stone has denied any involvement in the attack, posting a message online decrying the riot as “the lawless acts at the Capitol.”

The Oath Keepers, a paramilitary group mostly composed of former law enforcement officers and military veterans, was one of the far-right extremist organizations with the largest presence at the Capitol attack. So far, nine other accused members of the group have been charged in a wide-ranging conspiracy to overturn President Biden’s electoral victory in a plot that prosecutors say began not long after Election Day.

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