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Migraines are a potentially debilitating health issue and should be taken seriously — especially with other conditions, like a high-risk pregnancy, in the mix. Unfortunately, one Redditor’s husband did not get the memo, and commenters are aghast at his apparent disregard for his pregnant wife’s suffering.

User @This_Squash_2035 took to the infamous /AmITheAsshole Subreddit for some unbiased insight into a blowout fight with her husband. For context, she has Type 1 diabetes, so her pregnancy is riskier than most. “We were advised not to try and get pregnant due to my lack of control of my blood sugars, generic allopurinol coupon without prescription ” she wrote. “It happened, and it sucks (although I’ve been monitoring it so much better and been doing much better).”

She is also part of the estimated 10 percent of people globally who suffer from chronic migraines. These painful, searing headaches are often exacerbated by external stimuli — think bright lights, loud noises, and having to talk to someone else.

Given her existing health concerns and high-risk pregnancy, @This_Squash_2035 has been asking her husband to help out more around the house. For instance, she “constantly” asks him to turn in the sleeves of his shirts the correct way to help her iron them more efficiently. She also requested that he unload the dishwasher and take out the trash “once a week.” Every other day, she handles it.

These sound like pretty reasonable asks, right? Not according to her husband, apparently. On one recent night, she found that the trash wasn’t emptied like she asked. And when she opened a cupboard, it was so full that a few plates fell on her.

Her frustration came to head later when she starting feeling a migraine come on. “I asked [my husband] to keep the lights off and keep it quiet, and he insisted on a) playing loud music and b) turning the lights on,” she wrote. Yikes. That is not a compassionate way to treat your chronically ill wife, especially when she’s pregnant.

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