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While we love — and quite frankly, obsess over — Martha Stewart’s recipes, we kinda wish we knew what some of her go-to products are in her own kitchen. We’ve gotten hints here and there, but we put on our detective caps and found a big ingredient she uses. In an interview back in 2007 that shed some light on Stewart’s favorite cooking products. Back in 2007, Stewart divulged to the Chicago Tribune that one of her favorite things is the King Arthur Flour, saying, buy heparin us pharmacy “I always use this unbleached all-natural flour.”

And if you’re hesitant on whether she still has a powerful love for King Arthur Flour, don’t worry. She ended up baking with the King Arthur distributor at their facility back in 2014 — so the love is still strong.

The best part is that her favorite flour is available at so many stores.

The King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour is available at Wal-Mart in a five-pound bag, so you won’t run out sooner than expected. The chef-favorite — and Martha Stewart-approved product — has no preservations, is Non-GMO verified, and is certified kosher; so you can use it no matter the meal. It also contains 12.7% protein to create soft, lofty loaves of bread for your meals.

Stewart approved and all-natural? Sign us up. The best part is that this flour is sold at so many local stores like Krogers, Costco, and Target. If you use Instacart, you can easily snag a five-pound bag almost instantly!

Before you go, check out our slideshow of Martha Stewart recipes below:

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