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Style icon Sterling Mahomes is known for her trendy (and sometimes unexpected!) outfit choices, beyond-perfect curls, and enviable accessories (we’re talking Dolce & Gabbana shoes and the coolest pacifier). And now, the 2-year-old might be adding a shimmery eye to her looks.

Mom Brittany Mahomes shared in an Instagram story on Sunday that the toddler had gone through her vanity, order online free consultation and, well, it didn’t go as Brittany probably would have liked. The little makeup-artist-in-training (emphasis on in-training) got her hands on an eyeshadow palette and was absolutely attacking it with a makeup brush. The colors were all smooshed together, and some brown eyeshadow even found its way onto the white carpet Sterling was sitting on.

“Well, RIP,” Brittany said in defeat.

She went on to ask her daughter if she was having fun, and we hear a sweet little “yeah.” Must be nice. We were physically pained to watch the merciless destruction, but if she was going to go for anything, it’s probably better that she got eyeshadow and not lipstick or nail polish. Just thinking about the possible mess gives us anxiety.

Things certainly went much better when Sterling “got her makeup done” on the family’s trip to Disneyland after dad Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl. The toddler sat in a director’s chair and had a clean makeup brush lightly swiped across her face in the most calming fashion.

And we can only hope that the next time Sterling gets a hold of her mom’s makeup, she gives her dad a makeover just like Dwayne Johnson’s, Mark Wahlberg’s, and Derek Jeter’s daughters have. Spoiler alert: The looks leave something to be desired.

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