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Little lady Lola can be a bit shy at first, but her curiosity often takes over and she adjusts quickly! Once she gets to know you, she enjoys being loved on and hugged. She likes giving kisses and getting scratches on her head, and even lets you carry her around like the sweet girl she is.

A fearless explorer, once she’s comfortable Lola becomes very social and playful. She loves to wrestle with her siblings Pinky and Pretty, beat up her kicker toys and chase small balls and other toys. But once she’s had enough attention or playtime, she will dismiss herself and take a much-needed cat nap. 

Lola would do well with a family that knows how to balance her spunky, high-energy personality with her much-needed me-time. She does well around children as long as she is able to retreat to her own space once she’s had enough attention, metformin neuropathy and she’s also comfortable around dogs, even seeking out their attention at times and tolerates hyper dogs. Lola has had experiences with other cats, and was raised with her siblings, Pinky and Pretty. She would love to be adopted with either of her sisters, or into a home with another friendly and playful cat as long as they were introduced slowly.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and have fallen in love with Lola, check out her profile to complete an application!

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