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When your kid has to go potty while you’re out, it can definitely be stressful. Usually, it involves taking your child into the restroom with you so you can offer help, and keep them from peeking into other stalls or licking the floor — you know, typical parenting stuff. Nobody has ever batted an eye when I’ve brought my sons into the restroom with me (because other moms just get it!), but this one dad on Reddit has a serious problem with his wife bringing their son into the women’s restroom…and things got heated.

In the “Parenting” subreddit, seroquel v. risperdal a mom complained about her husband’s ridiculous expectations of their 5-year-old son.

“So everytime me, husband and 5 year old boy are out at a resturaunt or store, and my son needs to use the restroom , I immediately take him to the women’s restroom and wait outside his stall,” the mom wrote. NBD, right? Except, her husband is super dramatic about it. “My husband has mentioned a couple of times to me now how he’s old enough to use the men’s restroom independently at this point. That I don’t have to be waiting outside the stalls for him and ‘hovering.’”

First of all, waiting outside the stall door for a 5-year-old isn’t hovering. Secondly, if the son doesn’t have a problem with it and the mom doesn’t have a problem with it, what is this dad’s problem? My 5-year-old has asked to use the restroom alone before, and I’ve stood outside the men’s waiting on him, even knocking and peeking my head in to check because I don’t fully trust him not to play in there. Most of the time, I just take him with me because it’s so much easier! Not to mention, it could be a safety issue, which seems to be this mom’s biggest problem.

“But I really do not feel comfortable with that,” the mom continued. “I personally think 5 is still too young to go to the restroom unattended by an adult. And everywhere I go, women don’t seem to mind my boy is using the women’s restroom, in fact,they are the nicest about it. Most don’t blink an eye. I tried to explain to him that it’s more of a safety thing as well. But our convo got me thinking if I’m doing the right thing.”

In an effort to understand her husband’s perspective, the mom wrote, “I Know my husbands intentions are good and he’s trying to build my son’s independence and have him feel like a little mini adult since kids love that but I draw the line at this.”

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