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India: Heatwave leaves over a dozen dead from heat stroke

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Alongside skin cancer, one of the most common summer related afflictions is heat stroke.

The condition begins as heat exhaustion and occurs when the body can no longer cope with the searing temperatures it faces.

The NHS say while heat exhaustion “is not usually serious…if it turns into heatstroke, it needs to be treated as an emergency”.

If heatstroke is spotted, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.

There are several signs of heat exhaustion to look out for including a headache, does tamoxifen affect thyroid function dizziness and confusion, loss of appetite, feeling six, and pale and clammy skin.

Furthermore, a person experiencing cramps in their arms, legs, and stomach as well as fast breathing may also have heat exhaustion.

As the summer is normally a time when people enjoy an alcoholic beverage, it is important not to mix some of these symptoms up with the effects of alcohol such as dizziness and nausea.

The symptoms are normally the same in adults as they are in children.

If heat exhaustion is not treated it can quickly turn into heatstroke.

The eight signs of heatstroke are:
• Feeling unwell after 30 minutes in a cool place and drinking plenty of water
• Not sweating even while feeling too hot
• A high temperature of 40C or above
• Fast breathing and shortness of breath
• Feeling confused
• A fit (seizure)
• Loss of consciousness
• Not responsive.

If a person has heatstroke 999 must be called immediately.

Furthermore, the NHS recommend putting affected person “in the recovery position if they lose consciousness”.

Although serious, heatstroke can be prevented as long as sensible measures are put in place.

This includes drinking cool drinks, wearing light-coloured and loose clothing alongside avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, extreme exercise.

Warning about heatstroke comes as the UK enters a short heatwave.

The Met Office has issued a heat health alert for large parts of England.

Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at the UKHSA (United Kingdom Health Security Agency) Dr Agostinho Sousa said: “We want everyone to enjoy the hot weather safely when it arrives and be aware of good health advice for coping with warmer conditions.

“During periods of hot weather, it is especially important to keep checking on those who are most vulnerable, such as older people and those with heart or lung conditions.”

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