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The golden hour of conversation with kids often happens right before bed. I know what you’re thinking: after a lengthy bedtime routine, endless books, just one more drink of water, you just want to close the door and have an hour or two of peace and quiet in the evenings. But Kelly Clarkson uses that time to ask her kids two simple questions, and it leads to some heartfelt discussions with her 8-year-old daughter River and her 6-year-old son Remington.

In an interview on The Angie Martinez IRL Podcast on Monday, Clarkson revealed the nighttime routine that involves two basic questions. “I literally ask my kids every night when we’re snuggling, ‘Are you happy? And if you’re not, xylocaine effet secondaire what could make you happier?’” she said on the podcast, per E! News.

It seems so simple, yet so profound. Are you happy? What could make you happier? I want to ask myself these questions every night, too! It’s such an important way to check in and feel present in your life and the life of your kids, even if they don’t always answer in a way you want to hear.

“Sometimes they’ll say, especially the past two years, and it kills me and I want them to be honest, so I don’t ever say, ‘Oh god, don’t tell me that,’” she continues. “But a lot of times it would be like, ‘You know, I’m just really sad. I wish mommy and daddy were in the same house.’”

She added that her kids are “really honest about it.” “I’m raising that kind of individual. I want you to be honest with me,” Clarkson continued.

Clarkson and her kids’ father Brandon Blackstock settled their divorce in March 2022 after nearly two years split up. Since then, they’ve had some ups and downs, with Blackstock reportedly “always asking for more” from her. Now, The Kelly Clarkson Show host is doing her best to co-parent with him, but it’s still hard.

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