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“It was so bizarre,” Burrows recalls about the first night Teddy noticed something was off. Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show, she shared how the determined pooch prompted her to get checked.

Burrows said: “We were watching a movie together and she literally wanted to lie on my chest.

“She’s never done that before. [She was] nuzzling, sort of head butting me.

“This one night, she kind of swiped me so hard with her head – it really, really hurt.

“That same evening before I went to bed, I just checked myself.”

At first, Burrows thought the then one-year old dog “bruised” her. It was really painful, she recalled.

Burrows continued: “And that’s when I felt this little lump and I thought it was a swollen gland.

“I thought, it is a Friday night, codeine munchies I’ll leave it throughout the weekend, I’m sure it will go down.

“Monday morning it was still there and that’s when I thought I’ll speak to the GP and tell her what happened.”

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