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GMB: Shirley Ballas reveals her health struggles

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Shirley has had a “whirlwind” journey in the past couple of weeks, after concerned viewers urged the ballroom and latin champion to go and get a lump under her arm checked. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the lump on a live show of the dancing competition, and after multiple check-ups and tests, Shirley is now set to undergo an “urgent” scan on nearly all of her organs. Talking to the Mail on Sunday, Shirley said: “She said I have the highest testosterone levels she’s ever seen in a woman, and testosterone can wreak havoc on the female organs. So she’s requested an urgent scan of all of my organs at King’s College, purchase cephalexin London.”

Talking about her most recent turbulent health on Good Morning Britain this morning, Shirley was prompted by host Richard Madeley about whether she was worried about the results and if it was affecting her sleep.

Reluctant to answer at first, Shirley shockingly confessed: “I don’t sleep, I’m an insomniac. I always have been.”

Moving swiftly on from talking about her insomnia, Shirley went on to explain that in regards to her test results she was “trying not to dwell, as it will be what it will be”.

However, insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that can have a lasting effect on your energy levels, mood and health.

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