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Laryngitis: Dr Philippa shares home remedies to help condition

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Dr Kaye warned viral laryngitis will “come on quite suddenly over a few days”. “Your symptoms might be a croaky, hoarse voice that might go entirely,” she said. “You might have a sore throat,” Dr Kaye added. “[And] you might feel the need to constantly clear your throat, antibiotic clindamycin diarrhea as if there’s something there.”

Dr Kaye pointed out that some people might experience a cough at the same time.

The main symptoms of laryngitis, as pointed out by Dr Kaye and the NHS:

  • A hoarse (croaky) voice
  • Sometimes losing your voice
  • An irritating cough that does not go away
  • Always needing to clear your throat
  • A sore throat.

Dr Kaye assured that laryngitis, especially if it has been caused by a virus, will “go away in one to two weeks”.

Dr Kaye advised: “If it hasn’t, especially if you have a persistent sore throat or a persistent hoarse voice (even if you otherwise feel well), it’s important you go to the doctors at three weeks so we can check what else is going on.”

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