Mum manages to save £100 on single food order using clever trick

Mum-of-four Julia Young was tired of paying through the nose for her weekly food shop – bub didn't know where to find cheaper deals.

So the 33-year-old from Maidenhead decided to see if Google could help.

"I just typed cheap food into Google and Best Before It’s Gone popped up," she told money-saving community

"I had never heard of it until I typed that in."

The website is there to offer people the chance to buy up products are nearing or past their best before dates at rock bottom prices – so she decided to give it a go.

"I wanted to order from them because they had cheap delivery and a wide range of products that suited all of my busy household," Julia said.

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And the savings were huge.

Julia bought everything from snack bars and crisps to toothpaste and hair care products from the website – she spent £22.50 but saved more than £100 on their full retail prices.

"I was ecstatic when I realised how much food I got for my money – three huge boxes full of all the extras for my children and the household goods," she said.

“You can’t really appreciate what you've ordered until you unpack it."

And there was a lot to unpack.

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"I ordered Oat So Simple porridge bars for my seven-year-old, toothpaste for the whole family, and biscuits and snacks for the children’s school lunches,” she said. 

“I also bought cases of organic sweetcorn rings and veggie puffs which are otherwise too expensive for the baby – 16 packets for 15p.

"I also ordered myself some haircare products for convenience and extreme value for money.

"I’m a vegetarian and vegetable crisps are incredibly expensive so I got an absolute bargain.

“I also got a case of Oreo bars as after school treats.

"I spent £22.50 including delivery, and saved at least £100!"

And that means she plans to keep ordering.

"I will definitely be continuing to order once a month as the savings are mind blowing.

"They teach at my children’s school to be environmentally friendly and reduce waste so what a perfect lesson to show and teach them leading by example.”

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